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Bamboo - Ceiling Materials

Bamboo is a plant that has shaped pores and voids inside the tube with the ability to reduce heat . Seen from the point of view of the physics building , the building is exposed to heat during the day , bamboo releases cold air stored since last night . While at night when the outside air to cool , bamboo releases heat stored since noon . The resulting effect is in the house during the day was cool and warm evenings .

 Bamboo also has the advantages of having pliant and elastic fibers able to withstand the compressive load , tensile , shear and bend properly . In addition , many of the natural presence , inexpensive and relatively fast growth period be other advantages compared with wood materials . House of bamboo as a material weakness that is vulnerable to moisture and termites and beetles powder can be resolved with proper bamboo preservation process .Some ways of mounting bamboo material which may be applied as a ceiling : - Bamboo intact ( 5 cm diameter ) lined up as tightly structured rafter - Blade expose small bamboo stick tightly arranged rafters from below , so that will be enclosed rafter - woven bamboo ( braid ) and made ​​modules for close the roof , it does require a framework of the ceiling as a medium for attaching bamboo matting .

image: www . bambootropical . com