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Unique Interior in Chinese New Year

You can bring the Chinese New Year festivities in your tiny dwelling. Welcoming the Lunar New Year this time would be a wonderful thing for the people who celebrate it. For example by arranging ornaments in the corner.

Bring up the feel of a typical Chinese right in front of the residence with lanterns hung above the main entrance. Round ornaments that always exist in today Lunar believed to be the symbol of blessing and happiness. Another thing to do is to put the tree in the corner angpao faux living room and hang a red packet of paper in various sizes.

To be more distinctive and attractive, drape shaped chocolate gold coins to entice children to be 'picking' the sweetness of the chocolate straight from the tree. In addition, the atmosphere of cheerfulness Lunar should not merely red. You can also give an orange color accents by placing a bowl of oranges that are laid out in the middle of the dining table.